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What is Six Month Smiles?

There are millions of adults out there that don’t like the way their teeth look. They may not want to commit to metal braces for several years. They also need a procedure that is affordable. Six Month Smiles offer an effective form of treatment, it is safe, and it is affordable.

What it Offers

With Six Month Smiles and cheap denture, you get a shorter frame of time for great orthodontic treatment. It offers the best elements of traditional braces with advanced technology. It is a common sense approach to a cosmetic problem. It is designed to allow adults to get results that work around their lifestyle.

The procedure involves bracketing and wires, just like traditional braces. However, the brackets are clear and the wires are tooth colored. As a result, the entire treatment is barely noticeable. It is going to be less expensive than traditional braces or veneers too. It is mainly designed for adults, but can be approved for those ages 15 and older.

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Achieving the straight, beautiful smile you have always wanted in an average of just six months, without the need for traditional metal braces can be attained with help from Six Month Smiles. Using the latest techniques in dentistry to enable the movement of teeth quickly, safely, and less visibly than traditional braces, Six Month Smiles can successfully straighten your teeth. In addition to shorter time, Six Month Smiles braces consist of clear or tooth-colored brackets and small wires.


The low force process moves your teeth with little or no loss of tooth structure, allowing for shorter treatment times that are safe and relatively comfortable. Treatment by Six Month Smiles can be used to correct the following orthodontic problems:

#          Crowding – the teeth are close together giving them a crowded appearance

#          Overbite – the front teeth overlap considerably

#          Spacing – there are large, unsightly gaps between the teeth

#          Overjet – the front teeth jut out

#          Underbite – the lower teeth protrude

#          Crossbite – the teeth do not bite on the right side of each other

#          Misplaced Midline – the middle lines of both sets of teeth are not in alignment with each other

Perfect Smiles Orthodontics

Six Month Smiles: Most of the time, people only go to the dentist when a problem arises usually in the form of a tooth ache due to a cavity or abscessed tooth. Keeping a six month dental checkup can you’re you from the pain of dental issues. Keeping yourself in overall optimal dental health will also help you save money.  Dental procedures can be costly.  Preventative measures may be time consuming and inconvenient to your schedule; the costs are less. During your visit the dental profession will check your teeth and gums to see if you are experiencing any problems including cavities or gum disease.

Good Cleaning

You do a great job with your regular routine of brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and even using mouth wash to kill off bacteria; the dental health routine is to be applauded.

Even with these good dental hygiene practices, you may miss hard to reach places causing tartar to build up on your teeth.  Removing tartar or scaling cannot be done at home, a dental professional is needed.  Removing the tartar helps keep harmful bacteria out of your mouth.


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